How it works

1. Start or list your project

You have a project or an idea for sequestering carbon or reducing emissions.

Work with Sequestr's project development experts and integrated toolkits to develop and assess your project.

Sequestr project creation
2. Risk & Pricing

Understand the risk mechanisms we use and how to price your project effectively based on market trends, buyer demand, and much more.

Sequestr risk and pricing framework
3. Due diligence

Ensure your project meets quality standards from world-class buyers through Sequestr's rigorous project due diligence process to check for all core carbon principles, including additionality, legality, permanence.

Sequestr site visit
4. Run an auction

Get true price discovery from the market and run auctions to pre-sell future credits to raise startup capital, or generate revenue from auctioning issued credits.

Sequestr auction UI
1. Commitment to purchase

Projects provide supply with no upfront payment required from you. You choose your prices and volumes via our dutch auction.

Sequestr projects
2. Funding phase

Sequestr uses your commitments to secure upfront capital to projects.

ARR project
3. Project development

Funding is used for development in order to sequester carbon and/or reduce emissions and issue credits at a predefined future date.

Sequestr project details
4. Issuance & payment

Upon successful project development, credits are issued by the registry to the project. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent, and upon payment, the credits will be transferred.

Sequestr dashboard
Project developers: Bring your projects, we’ll help figure out the rest!

Sequestr helps projects get upfront financing by selling future offsets on a transparent marketplace.