A team of climate optimists

We're a team of climate optimists working on providing working capital to farmers & landowners, project developers, and align corporate buyers to reduce, and remove emissions. Our team has been building financial services, zero-waste marketplaces, farms, energy, sustainable agriculture, and helping with last mile energy for decades.

We believe we can mitigate the extremes of our current climate crisis by working together with local communities.

Rishabh Varshney

Working on climate-related ventures since 2013.

Past: CEO @BuyWithImpact.com (acq. in 2020), a carbon offsetting credit card. Product + Design @ RBC, Wrapbook, Facebook, Paytm, & more.

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Tony Qu

Engineer with a background in leading business development at energy companies in developing countries.

Past: Director of Business Operations at Jaza Energy, a renewable energy company for last-mile farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Malcolm Cameron

Data background with a knack for running teams, and building products.

Past: CPO @BuyWithImpact.com (acq. in 2020), masters in statistics, driven product & operations leader. Past: Data Science + Product @ RBC, Data @ Lake Finance, Economic Consulting @ Altus Group.

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Shawn Kuhn

Co-founded Vitruvian Farms, a vertically integrated, local food production and distribution company with a wholesale network of over 50 customers. Consulted for farm start-up clients across the US.

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Madison Wright

Helping scale corporate and funders partnerships. Previously spent time in venture capital, strategy and operations before deciding to venture (pun intended) into the world of startups, and now climate.

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Derrick Dao

Passionate about unlocking our potential as a climate neutral species.  Authentic in intention.  Pragmatic in approach.

Past: Advising on corporate strategy and facilitating energy transactions @ J.P. Morgan, McDaniel and Rystad Energy

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