The Sequestr Carbon Inc. (Sequestr) logo mark is comprised of both a logomark ("shield") and wordmark. The shield may be used independent of the wordmark. The wordmark may not be used without the shield.

Sequestr logo in white
Sequestr logo in black
Sequestr logo and wordmark

About Sequestr

Sequestr aims to scale up quality supply within the carbon markets. We do this by vertically stacking pilot development, plan to scale, MRV tools, project registration, and project financing at each stage of project development. At the core of this is a standardized carbon rights management layer, a framework that increases funding availability and profitability to sequestration projects while providing future rights for businesses to generate and retire offsets. This layer also allows other protocols to build financial tools on top of our stack to allow for the liquidity and financial tools required to solve the chicken-or-the-egg problem in these markets today.

Color palette

Primarily Sequestr uses a neutral color palette, using the colors below throughout our brand in addition to black and white. We ask you maintain contrast between background and foreground i.e.: on Forest (#14453C) use our light logo instead of the dark one.


You can download SVG, and PNG assets via Dropbox.

Download assets via Dropbox