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We'll help you identify if your project can be registry certified on Verra, American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, or others.

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Verify project viability and feasibility from a carbon additionality, legal, & reliability standpoint.

Certification & legal requirements

Get help with registry certification, legal templates, and purchase and sale agreements.

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Carbon projections

Understand the outlook for your project's carbon sequestration or removal potential.

Budgeting & cost

Identify what it will cost to get your project to its ideal state.

Pricing models

Effective pricing mechanisms based on project details, risk, and budget.

Find the best prices & deal structures

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Secure pricing from end buyers with lower fees due to fewer middlemen

Funders increase liquidity and are expected to get small interest payments.

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Auctions for price discovery

Effective pricing mechanism to price your volume based on demand.

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No commitments for your entire inventory.

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No more sleepless nights

Get a 360 degree view of your financials, break down your cash flow and manage your carbon inventory, run auctions, and more.

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No more wasted time

Sequestr does all the calculations for you, so you can focus on sequestering or removing carbon.

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Control financing on your own terms

Carbon project funding should be simple and intuitive, so let us help you start and grow your project.

Project developers: Bring your projects, we’ll help figure out the rest!

Sequestr helps projects get upfront financing by selling future inventory on a transparent marketplace.