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Sequestr is a managed marketplace for high-quality certified carbon removals or carbon reduction credits. By directly connecting corporate and institutional buyers with multi-stage carbon projects, Sequestr is able to solve for many of the quality, pricing and liquidity issues inherent in carbon markets today.

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Guarantee future supply.

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Press releases issued when projects are sold.

Reduce exposure to rising carbon prices

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All projects are assessed and receive proprietary Sequestr risk scores. Only the best are auctioned on our platform.

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Low fees

Fees & capital rates are  lower than projected spot prices.

For carbon buyers

Procure long-term carbon inventory.
‍‍No upfront payment. Low fees. No surprises.

Afforestation & reforestation

For projects that plant trees on non-forested or degraded lands.

Afforestation & reforestation
Biochar / biomass

For projects that develop and distribute biochar.

Biochar / biomass
Direct air capture

For projects that set up Direct Air Capture plants.

Direct air capture
Enhanced weathering

For projects developing and deploying enhanced weathering technologies.

Enhanced weathering
Improved cookstoves technologies

For projects that distribute clean cookstoves to developing communities.

Improved cookstoves technologies
Mangroves, wetlands, and coastal ecosystem restoration

For projects that restore and conserve costal ecosystems.

Mangroves, wetlands, and coastal ecosystem restoration
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Sequestr helps carbon offset buyers or procurement teams get access to high-quality projects while minimizing upfront payments. Secure today’s and tomorrow’s inventory.