Procure high quality nature-based carbon offsets

Sequestr is a managed marketplace for high-quality certified carbon offsets. By directly connecting corporate and institutional buyers with multi-stage carbon projects, Sequestr is able to solve for many of the quality, pricing and liquidity issues inherent in carbon markets today.

How Sequestr works

1. Find projects

Sequestr partners with  farmers and project developers working on high quality carbon projects to provide exclusive access across maturity stage.

2. Marketplace

These carbon offsets are verified by an independent third party, approved by Sequestr experts and listed on the  marketplace. Projects are listed with important buyer criteria such as regional data, methodology, price per ton and comps.

3. Future certified offsets

These future certified carbon offsets are sold via an auction model using historical and predictive pricing data, demand signals and  proprietary risk modelling to determine the fair market price.

4. Secondary market

Buyers can then engage in the secondary market to resell their carbon offset futures, buy from other resellers, and do a lot more than historically has been possible with existing carbon offset financial infrastructure.

The Sequestr platform

Managed marketplace & auction system

Connecting high quality carbon offsets and projects with corporate buyers and institutional investors.

Secondary market

Bringing liquidity to carbon markets with efficient price discovery, hedging opportunities, and later stage demand.

Futures market

Financial infrastructure for large scale trades, and diversified risk . Access standardized and validated instruments for the  voluntary emissions market.