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Unlocking institutional capital for carbon markets

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Let's chat about carbon credit procurement, project origination, & more!

Risk-adjusted prices for carbon marketsRisk and Pricing framework for carbon markets
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For asset managers

Use our platform to underwrite loans for enterprises securing long-term carbon portfolios.
Expand offerings. Generate revenue. Facilitate net-zero.

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Sequestr platform company managementSequestr platform carbon inventory management

For carbon projects

Control project financing on your terms.
Start. Sell. Manage.

Sequestr create a project flowSequestr project details with auction

Get help with everything from concept to carbon delivery.

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Project origination

We'll help you identify if your project can be registry certified on Verra, American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, or others.

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Eligibility & risk assessment

Get your project started and ready to list on a registry.

Financing options

Explore offtakes & other opportunities.

Project due diligence

Robust diligence to ensure high quality.

Auction your inventory

Control financing on your own terms.

For carbon buyers

Procure long-term carbon inventory.
‍‍No upfront payment. Low fees. No surprises.

Afforestation & reforestation

For projects that plant trees on non-forested or degraded lands.

Afforestation & reforestation
Biochar / biomass

For projects that develop and distribute biochar.

Biochar / biomass
Direct air capture

For projects that set up Direct Air Capture plants.

Direct air capture
Enhanced weathering

For projects developing and deploying enhanced weathering technologies.

Enhanced weathering
Forest conservation & management

For projects preventing deforestation and degradation, and for projects that reduces harvesting schedules of logging operations.

Forest conservation & management
Improved cookstoves technologies

For projects that distribute clean cookstoves to developing communities.

Improved cookstoves technologies
Mangroves, wetlands, and coastal ecosystem restoration

For projects that restore and conserve costal ecosystems.

Mangroves, wetlands, and coastal ecosystem restoration
Sustainable agriculture

For projects implementing sustainable agriculture practices, including reduced tilling, managed grazing, cover cropping, and more.

Sustainable agriculture
& more

We've got lots more project types in the works!

& more
Bring your projects, we’ll help figure out the rest!

Sequestr helps projects get upfront financing by selling future inventory on a transparent marketplace.

We also provide PD tooling and support throughout the entire process.