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Projects & landowners

We are amazed by the latest carbon removal technologies. We need them all to achieve drawdown, whether it is direct air capture, ocean-tech, biochar, mineralization, reversing desertification, or something we have yet to see. We can't help with your technology, but we can connect you to the right landowners and buyers to get your projects running and scale. Sign up to connect with the right partners to jumpstart your project.

Projects & landowners
Find the right landowner partners

Find landowners to transact carbon rights to develop the project without buying/leasing land or paying upfront.

Connect directly to offset buyers

Find carbon offset buyers to lease carbon rights of the project to gain upfront capital and a dedicated buyer at a set price.

Manage your project's carbon rights

Connect and manage all project stakeholders through carbon rights distribution and management.

Carbon rights

Carbon rights transactions is an optional framework Sequestr provides to help project finance projects pre-development. Instead of selling offsets after project development, or offtake/ERPA contracts then financing through banks, financiers can directly purchase percentage of carbon rights to projects to generate offsets as projects take place and directly fund projects. This applies to projects with methodologies still pending, accelerating the project development process.

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Add your project to Sequestr and we’ll contact you to explore carbon offset financing and help get projects off the ground. Adding your project expresses interest and allows us to connect financing opportunities, it does not commit you to any projects.