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Senior Project Coordinator

The Senior Project Coordinator will be responsible for assuming the responsibilities associated to both collaborator and project manager (PM) roles that include but are not limited to delivering all milestones proposed for any specific REDD+, ARR, ALM, WRC or other land-use projects, and collaborate when necessary with other members of the AFOLU team.

Salary range:
$90,000 - $130,000
This role has been filled!
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This position requires advanced qualifications of the design and development of carbon projects in the AFOLU sector and as such include experience working with soil carbon, local communities and private owners, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems, developing carbon estimations and delivering high-quality products (project documents, monitoring reports, and others), assisting the audit process for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and participating in business rounds, technical sessions and in different events as required by the ARR, REDD+ and/or ALM Senior Leads or by the Head of AFOLU. The Senior Project Coordinator should ensure that all collaborators receive ongoing training and that they have the necessary skills and tools to perform their work. The responsibilities, activities, time expenditures, and working schedule for both, the PM and collaborator will be agreed with the aforementioned supervisors, leads or Heads. A key aspect of the role is to work with the product team to help create a strong database and technology stack for helping new projects reuse existing resources in a transparent and repeatable manner.


  • Ensure assigned tasks are completed on time and within the personal time budget, at the quality required by Sequestr and clients
  • Responsible for supporting the implementation and management of emission reduction projects which includes: the due diligence phase, drafting project design documents, validation, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) support under different standards (VERRA, GS, ACR, CAR) among other local, international, or Web3 carbon schemes
  • Conduct site visits and travel to project locations whenever needed
  • Be a key point of contact and maintain a good relationship with the sourcing team, project development team, project owners, clients, VVBs (DOEs or auditors) and other counterparts
  • Provide technical and business development support with project sourcing
  • Provide technical support and contribute to deisgn plans for the tech automation of the project development process
  • Be aware of the process of negotiation and signing of ERSA, ERPA, CPA, or any form of carbon rights agreements with the project owners, as well as of all the internal procedures
  • Define and plan content and structure to support the certification of the project: work plans, work schedules, budgets and deliverables
  • Schedule Technical Reviews (TR) and Quality Checks (QC)
  • Keep the team members (collaborators) informed of their progress in the project and remind them to stay within the time and budget agreed
  • Planning and development of site visits and other types of business trips/training in case to be required
  • Gather, prepare and present information to represent Sequestr at meetings, as requested
  • Share relevant contacts and information on possible opportunities with the Sequestr team


  • University Degree in forestry, agriculture, natural resource management, sustainability or climate change and carbon mitigation related fields
  • At least 3 years of work experience in agriculture or forestry, sustainability consulting, climate change mitigation/adaptation or related fields
  • Knowledge of and experience in evaluating carbon sequestration in soils and regenerative agriculture practices
  • Ability to manage targets, priorities and develop own goals
  • Ability to create high quality written documents (proposals and deliverables) in English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent oral and written command of English


  • Expertise in soil carbon and/or forest carbon
  • Knowledge of regenerative agriculture practices
  • Proficiency in French/Spanish

What we value

  • Leaders who will ensure we reach our vision for the best engineering and climate science teams in Canada
  • Motivating leaders who spend time contextualizing and sharing the company’s strategic goals to help others feel connected and involved
  • Driven, performance-focused leaders who don’t just run teams, but who constantly push them to achieve and level them up
  • Startup innovators who understand that we can’t move faster or win by creating endless processes, approvals, checkpoints, policies, or rules
  • Confident managers who can hold others accountable, and who speak out against mediocre or sub-par results anywhere at Sequestr.
  • Highly ambitious, big-picture thinkers who can imagine what Sequestr can be and can execute on our plan to get there in an impossibly short time


  • Mission-oriented culture — if we can help you succeed and achieve your personal missions while sequestering emissions, all the better
  • Training / education as requested — if you’re interested in taking courses, or additional education to improve personally and/or professionally, we will compensate what we can!
  • Yearly WFH office budget for upgrades/improvements
  • Unlimited vacations but we mandate 3 weeks of time off per year — this is to encourage work-life balance, and reduce the risk of burnout

About Sequestr

Sequestr is providing infrastructure to effectively price and risk carbon projects, then utilizing corporate commitments upon credit delivery to unlock new liquidity in carbon markets.