Offer net-zero leasing to your enterprise clients.

Landlords can generate revenue through offering carbon removal or reduction portfolios into the tenants leasing price while helping them save money, and achieve their net-zero targets

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Sequestr for Commercial Real Estate

85% of commercial buildings do not meet the standards required for their tenant’s SBTI Commitments.
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Become an industry leader for your enterprise clients

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Access to high-quality carbon supply

Across 20+ countries and 10+ project types.

Save your clients money

Tenants can save up to 4% on net-leasing costs in the long run.

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Own the market

Create your own objectives such as risk, revenue, supply, and financing terms.

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Add a new revenue stream.

Charge loan interest on top of the tenant procurement price.

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Grow your market position

Offer ESG solutions for your enterprise clients.

Generate new revenue while saving your tenants time and money.

Using our market infrastructure you can generate revenue for carbon underwriting with our Risk, Pricing, and Procurement technology.

Net-zero leasing

Remove your clients headaches while facilitating their SBTi targets.

Real-time analytics & reporting

Information on client transactions, carbon credits, and carbon project investments.

Sequestr platform company management

Give customers a full-featured dashboard to manage carbon inventory.

Let customers access a simple dashboard to handle all their payment & analytical needs. Or use our API to build custom workflows for your customers directly within your platform.

No switching necessary.

Sequestr platform carbon inventory management
Generate growth & revenue through our APIs.

Offer services to stand out from the crowd, generate growth, and establish new revenue opportunities.

Identify API
Scenario analysis
Current corporate emissions
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Future targets
Baseline scenarios
Acquisition & regulatory events
Share price impact
Carbon budgeting & accounting
Scenario analysis
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Corporate preferences
Long term carbon OPEX
Payment terms (Pre-purchase vs. delivery)
Blended pricing
Visualizations & cost-budget responses
Portfolio simulations
Carbon budgeting
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Corporate preferences
Different portfolios
Associated costs
Contract types availability

Custom contracts for prepayment, payment on delivery, and blended rates.


Integrated directly into vendor payment flows.

Reports API

Access to comprehensive, up-to-date data and insights on your clients' carbon footprint and progress.


Customizable marketing materials and support to help you effectively promote your carbon services to clients.

Underwrite with our backend revenue services.

Loan origination opportunities in place for the you to provide capital to projects your clients secure for retirement.

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Group commitments

Bring offtakers together either on your side or with Sequestr.

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Underwrite loans

Use our APIs and underwrite loans to offtakers.

Charge interest

To corporates and end offtakers for carbon inventory.

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Understand non-delivery or under-delivery risks.


Costs for implementation and prices projects should fetch.


Inventory with automated reports and external assessments.

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Unlock revenue opportunities while helping enterprises transition to net-zero.