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Mission Gigatonne: Recoolit’s 2030 Target

The following dramatization is brought to you by climate change:
Imagine if you will: there are silent invaders lurking in the corners of your home, hiding in plain sight. In your kitchen, under a veil of cold mist. In your bedroom, masked by the hum of comfort. Silent, invisible, yet potentially catastrophic. These invaders aren't your usual suspects. You won't find them creeping under your bed or hiding in your closet. Instead, they're nested snugly in your everyday comforts: your air conditioner, your refrigerator, even your chillers. These seemingly harmless appliances harbour an underestimated villain of the climate change saga: a specific type of greenhouse gas emissions known as halocarbons, commonly in the form of refrigerants. Unseen and largely unknown, they bide their time, waiting for the day they escape into our precious atmosphere. But fear not – Today, we're going to introduce you to a dynamic team Sequestr has partnered with, Recoolit, and their mission to capture these elusive culprits (and help save our planet).

Mission Gigatonne: Recoolit’s 2030 Target
What's cooler than being cool? Refrigerant management, that's what.

Recoolit is committed to addressing one of the most neglected, yet significant contributors to global warming: refrigerants.

The company was born out of a profound concern for the climate crisis and an unwavering desire to make a difference. The company's co-founder, Ning Jeng, described the inspiration behind Recoolit: "As we assessed the climate problem holistically, we realized that refrigerants played a crucial role in global warming and represented a highly impactful and actionable area that could be addressed immediately with existing technologies." This revelation was spurred by Project Drawdown, a comprehensive ranking of climate solutions, which placed refrigerant management at the top of the list.

So, what's the problem with refrigerants? These are chemicals typically used in cooling systems like air conditioners and refrigerators. Despite their practical applications, refrigerants are alarmingly detrimental to the environment. They are far more potent than CO2 in terms of their warming potential, with some refrigerants trapping up to 14,600 times as much heat as CO2. In fact, refrigerant emissions account for 6% of global emissions, which equals an astounding 3 billion tonnes CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) a year.

Recoolit's innovative approach to managing refrigerants sets it apart from other climate solutions. Its focus is on preventing the intentional venting of refrigerants that occur during regular service cycles or at the end of the life of devices. The company collaborates directly with local technicians in emerging markets, starting with Indonesia, and empowers them through tools, training, and financial incentives. Recoolit also has a technology-driven approach, leveraging a digital-first Monitoring, Verification, and Reporting (MRV) system that ensures a high level of transparency and verifiability.

Recoolit supports technicians to capture harmful refrigerant waste and destroy it, permanently preventing environmental impact. Our work depends solely on businesses and individuals that purchase our carbon credits.

This unique platform connects a network of AC technicians in Indonesia with offset buyers around the world, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. Technicians receive financial incentives and support for their work, encouraging them to participate in responsible refrigerant management practices. Meanwhile, offset buyers gain access to high-quality credits that contribute to their sustainability goals, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The impact of Recoolit's efforts can already be seen, with the prevention of 1497.79 tonnes of CO2e to date. This is equivalent to over 4 million miles driven by a car or 24,950 trees planted. However, as Jeng points out, they are just getting started. Their target is to prevent 15 thousand tonnes of CO2e by the end of this year, with a path to scaling up to 10 times that amount by the end of next year, and to prevent 1 gigatonne of CO2e emissions by 2030.

Recoolit's impressive list of partners

Recoolit's goal to prevent 1 gigatonne of CO2e emissions by 2030 is as ambitious as it is thrilling. Achieving this target will require significant resources, a challenge Sequestr is prepared and excited to tackle by bringing Recoolit's credits to market. Recoolit's unique and often overlooked approach aligns seamlessly with Sequestr's commitment to co-develop top-tier projects that contribute to carbon offsetting, carbon removals, and broader climate solutions.

Work with Sequestr

Sequestr offers a compelling solution for corporations looking to procure carbon offsets or removals. With a maturing carbon market, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have longer-term procurement plans in place. By working with Sequestr, companies can ensure a future supply of credits, reduce their exposure to rising carbon prices, and gain access to sustainability marketing materials today. Sequestr also offers the option to pay for these future credits on delivery, thereby providing a more reliable and cost-effective way to meet long-term sustainability goals. Overall, Sequestr’s innovative approach to carbon offsetting and removal makes it a smart choice for companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

If you or your company is interested in exploring financing or procuring CDR credits, please reach out.

Written by
Stewart Orr

Stewart leads sales and go-to-market at Sequestr.

Stewart Orr

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